O my children !

O my dear children!

O my seven billion children !

You are hurting

You are in pain

You are suffering

It breaks my heart to see you suffer

All of you are my children

Whether you are

from the North or the South

from the East or the West

Whether you are

Men or women

Black or white

Healthy or sick

Normal or abnormal

Ordinary or extra-ordinary

Over-privileged or underprivileged

Rich or poor

You are all my children

And a mother loves all her children

O my children !

Now you are entering the 21st century

I feel concerned

I feel worried

You are well aware

A mother always worries about her children

Even when they are grown up

I am afraid

You might hurt yourself

You might kill yourself

You might commit collective suicide by civil wars and nuclear weapons

I know you are intelligent and smart

But I am not sure whether you are wise enough yet

I know

Wisdom comes far later than knowledge

My children

You have divided yourself in

Nations and cultures, religions and sects

And you have been fighting wars, holy wars

Killing your enemies

Not knowing they are your brothers and sisters

You are all my children

Children of Mother Earth

I have been here for centuries and millennia

Far before you were born

O my children !

I want to tell you a story

You know

Mothers like telling stories to her children

You might be old

But you are still my children

So please listen to the story carefully

It might entertain you

It might even enlighten you

And bring you some peace

O my children !

There was a time on earth

A long time ago

A long long time ago

When you, my children

Had created

Matriarchal societies

When you were proud

Of being children of Mother Earth

When you were proud

Of your motherland and mother tongue

That is when you lived in love and peace and harmony

That was the time

You were young and naïve

You had not figured out

The mystery of birth

You did not know

How children were born

In every village

Some women had children

Others did not

When children were born

They called all women mothers

A child was raised by the whole village

Children were showered by love

By all women

And they grew up to be loving adults

But then some men

Some very smart men

Figured out the mystery of birth

They figured out they were the fathers of those children

So they wanted to give their names to their children

And wanted to own their mothers

They did not want other men to touch them

So they had duels

To keep other men away from those mothers

Even in their children

They liked boys more than girls

They wanted to give their property to their sons

That was the beginning of a patriarchal society

Those mothers

Who loved their children

Kept quiet

They did not want to argue or fight

They were peace loving women

They loved all their children equally

But men took advantage of them

They controlled them and abused them

They deprived them of their rights and privileges

They deprived them of their properties

They made laws to protect their own rights and privileges and properties

They created governments

And became presidents and prime ministers

To protect their political rights

And if that was not enough

They became priests and pundits, maulanas and rabbis

And created Heavenly Father

To protect their religious rights

That Heavenly Father

Never talked to women

Only to men, Holy Men

And delivered divine revelations

In which

Women were second class citizens

Men created patriarchal systems

To protect

Their property rights and political rights and religious rights

But that Heavenly Father

With passage of time

Became powerful

Too powerful

And you know

Power corrupts people, even gods

That Heavenly Father

Became angry and revengeful

And made laws

That were unjust

He judged people

Declared them sinners

And sent them to Hell

And eternal damnation

And those men

Priests and pundits, maulanas and rabbis

Used Heavenly Father

And divine revelations

To start wars, holy wars

Killing people, spilling blood

Followers of each religion and sect, nation and culture

Insisted they were the chosen ones

Of that Heavenly Father

O my children !

O my seven billion children !

I have been watching this for centuries

I have been watching it quietly

But my cup of patience is overflowing now

I cannot stay silent any longer

I cannot see my children suffer anymore

I came to tell you

That Heavenly Father is an illusion

Created by men

Created by priests and pundits, maulanas and rabbis

To justify their power

To rationalize their control

Time has come

For this drama to end

Before it is too late

This patriarchy has to end

O my children !

O my dear children !

You have to say good bye to Heavenly Father

And come back to your Mother Earth

You are my children

I gave birth to you

You were born from my womb

And I will accept you

When you die

In my bosom

You will rest in peace

O my children !

You need to realize

Heavenly Father is a fantasy

Mother Earth is a reality

Now you are old enough

To separate

Fantasy from reality

O my children !

O my seven billion children !

Time has come

For you to choose


Your Heavenly Father

Who pushed you to violence and war


Your Mother Earth

Who is calling you

To a life of love and harmony and peace

And you have to choose

Before it is too late.


October 2015