On July 9, 2017 FOTH organised Review of two books. First book was Words, Words and Words jointly authored by Dr. Khalid Sohail and Sain Sucha. The second book was The Seeker authored by Dr.Khalid Sohail. Also Dr. Khalid Sohail‘s portrait painted by world renowned painter Shahid Rasam was displayed in this event, the audio book of The Seeker was distributed and icing on the cake was celebration of Dr. Khalid Sohail‘s 65th. Birthday. You will find below 8 videos covering this event starting from first speaker ( myself ) to last speaker Shakila Rafiq. I edited a large portion of my speech for ease of down loading while last speech was too short and sweet to cut anything. My apology for the devil may care type quality of recording and the deleted and in-editable parts which are available for private viewing if anyone is interested. Enjoy.   Hussain Haider.


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