Introduction to Dr. K. Sohail as a Humanist

Dr. K. Sohail grew up in a traditional community and conservative culture in Pakistan. The more he reflected on life, the more he distanced himself from blind faith, became a free thinker embracing humanism. His first book about his philosophical journey, From Islam to Secular Humanism, was published in September 2001. His interview on The Michael Coren Television show was the first of many interviews that connected him with other humanists, atheists and free thinkers from the Muslim World who shared his struggles. In 2006, he was given the Humanist of the Year award. Dr. K. Sohail’s two other books, Freedom of Religion-Freedom from Religion and The Next Stage of Human Evolution reflect his humanist philosophy and lifestyle. He believes that humanism is the cornerstone of all genuine and progressive religious, spiritual and secular traditions. His essays on humanism have been published in many humanist magazines including Canadian Freethinker, Humanist Perspectives and Secular Web. His humanist friends from Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities joined him for a CBC documentary on Atheism and Humanism.

In 2006 Dr. Sohail received Humanist of the Year award from Humanist Association of Toronto [HAT] based on his book ‘From Islam to Secular Humanism, A Philosophical Journey’

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