Introduction to Dr. K. Sohail as a Therapist

Dr. K. Sohail graduated from Khyber Medical College in 1975 and studied psychiatry at Memorial University in Newfoundland where he had an opportunity to work with Dr Eugene Wolf, Dr. James and Dr Sotus Kotsopolous, who were some of the well respected psychotherapists from different psychotherapy traditions. After receiving his FRCP in 1982 and working as a staff psychiatrist in psychiatric hospitals in New Brunswick and Ontario, he opened the Creative Psychotherapy Clinic in Whitby in 1995. Working with his Community Mental Nurse and colleague Anne Henderson, he developed the Green Zone Philosophy. Now he practices Green Zone Therapy with his co-therapist Bette Davis RN, BN, MN. The Green Zone Philosophy is the framework for the individual, couple, family and group therapy offered at their clinic. Dr. K. Sohail has also produced a number of documentaries on social, cultural and mental health issues. His documentary Mixed Messages, focusing on children of mixed marriages, directed by Fuad Chowdhry, was shown on CBC program Rough Cuts. He presented Breaking the Cycle, his documentary on Domestic Violence in the Canadian Psychiatric Association Annual Conference in British Columbia and presented papers on different dimensions of psychotherapy in international conferences in Israel and Brazil. As a therapist he was interviewed by Vision TV for their 13 episode documentary on Religion and Sex in December 2010. Visit: for more articles by Dr. Sohail.