Dr. K. Sohail inherited the love of literature from his family. His father loved books and his uncle, Arif Abdul Mateen was a well respected poet. Dr. Sohail’s first short story was published in the college magazine, Edwardian when he was a teenager. He received his first poetry award for his poem, The Red Circle when he was studying in Khyber Medical College, Peshawar, Pakistan. He started publishing his collections of poems, stories and essays after he came to Canada. His poems have been included in many North American anthologies. His story, Island, was included in Global Safari, an anthology of world fiction for Canadian high school students. In India, in 2010, Shabana Khatoon submitted her Masters of Philosophy thesis in Jawaharlal University focusing on his stories and novellas. Dr. K. Sohail has been regularly writing for an internet magazine For his column, Mind Space, he has written more than fifty essays on social and political psychology. He also translated world literature into Urdu and wrote a number of books focusing on the struggles of women and blacks. He believes that his creations are his love letters to humanity.